Advantages of the battery

More power last longer within one full charge than others
It Can be charged with the original Ni-Cd or Ni-MH charger
Extended longer life than original Ni-Cd batteries, Made with Ni-MH cells no pollution to environment.
Ni-MH cells also has no memory effect, Low self discharge better than Ni-Cd ones

Replace forBắn cá thần tài 3d:BLACK & DECKER A12 A12-XJ A12EX A1712 FS120B FSB12 HPB12, Firestorm FS120B FS120BX

Compatible With:
Bắn cá thần tài 3d Gardena: Black & Decker: BD12PSK, BDBN1202, BDG1200K, BDGL12K, BDID1202, CD1200SK, CD12SFK,CDC1200K, CDC120AK, CDC120ASB, CP122K, CP122KB, CP12K, CP12KB, HP122K, HP122KD,HP126F2B, HP126F2K, HP126F3B, HP126F3K, HP126FBH, HP126FSC, HP126FSH, HP126K, HP128F3B, HP12K, HP12KD SS12, SX3000,SX3500,SX5000, XD1200,XD1200K,XTC12IK,XTC12IKH

Package: 2x battery, 1x charger

Advantages of the charger:
1. 1.2V-18V multivolt charger compatible with Black and Decker common use 4.8V 7.2V 9.6V 12V 14.4V 18V Ni-MH/Ni-Cd slide style power tool batteries, really one charger for series of batteries.
2. 1.5A fast charging would fully charge the battery in 1-3 hours depends on the capacity, make it more efficient for continuous jobs.
Bắn cá thần tài 3d 3. Easy-to-take design make it more portable for outdoor workings, and over-charge or over-discharge protection insure its safety with batteries, it is small but fast and safe!

Tips to make it running longer:
1, Battery came with low power due to transport security, it may reach top performance after 3 cycles of full charge and discharge.
2, Recharge the battery when it totally cool down and proper rest when use in high power tools.
3, We recommend using the battery at least once a month and clean the battery contacts using a cotton swab with alcohol when necessary


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