Bắn cá thần tài 3dEco-Friendly Ni-MH Battery Cells Inside – Unlike Ni-Cd battery which contain Cd element that may pollute the environment, this Ni-MH rechargeable battery has no Pb, Hg, Cd, no pollution to surroundings and convenient to manage them when out of use.

Product Information:

  • Item Weight: 2.19 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 4.7 x 3.7 x 4.1 inches
  • Color: Red&Gray
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Battery Cell Type: Ni-Mh
  • Package:1 x Replacement Battery

Replace for:Please search with “Ctrl+F”
Makita: PA18, 1822, 1823, 1833, 1834, 1835, 1835F, 192827-3, 1928273, 192828-1, 192829-9, 193061-8, 193102-0, 193140-2, 193159-1, 193783-0, 193784-8, 194105-7 194107-3, 194158-6

Compatible With:(Please search with “Ctrl+F”
Makita 4000 Series: 4334D 4334DWA 4334DWAE 4334DWD 4334DWDE
Makita 5000 Series: 5026DA 5026DB 5026DWA 5026DWB 5026DWD 5026DWFE 5036DA 5036DB 5036DWA 5036DWB 5036DWD 5036DWFE 5046DA 5046DB 5046DWA 5046DWB 5046DWD 5046DWDE 5046DWFE 5620DWD 5621DWA 5621DWD 5621RDWA
Makita 6000 Series: 6343D 6343DBE 6343DWA 6343DWB 6343DWDE 6343DWFE 6347D 6347DWAE 6347DWDE 6347DWFE 6349DWDE 6349DWFE 6390DWAE 6391D 6391DWPE 6936FD 6936FDWDE
Makita 8000 Series: 8390D 8390DWAE 8391D 8391DWPE 8443D 8443DWAE 8443DWDE 8443DWFE 8444DWDE 8444DWFE
Makita JR Series: JR180D JR180DWA JR180DWAE JR180DWB JR180DWBE JR180DWD JR180DWDE
Makita LS Series: LS711D LS711DWA LS711DWBEK LS711DZ LS800D LS800DWA LS800DWAE LS800DWB LS800DWBE LS800DWD LS800DZ LS800WB
Makita ML Series: ML183 (Flashlight)
Makita UB Series: UB181D UB181DZ
Makita SC Series: SC190DWDE

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