Full Spectrum-Red
15W LED Growth Lamp provide your plants with all wavelengths they need to grow healthy from seeding to bloom.

UV&IR is important for plants growing
UV function sterilizes growth and kills bacteria which seriously influence plant’s growth and ability to produce abundant healthy flowers.

Wide Application –
This indoor growing light can be used in all growing environment for both hydroponics and plants in soil, such as tomatoes, potatoes, pepper, lettuce, etc.

Lower Power Consumption: –
This Lights for plants indoors is low power consumption,high luminous efficiency and long service life.
  • This grow light emits the wavelength of light which can be fully absorbed by the plants from seedling to harvest, keep the balance of the PAR Output and Coverage, while extending the blooming period and increasing production.
  • 15W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower helps accelerate the growth of indoor plants.Rapidly improve the health of plant and growing.
  • The IR function promotes cell division which improves growth in both vegetation and flowering phases. This can increase yield to a certain degree.

Package includes:
1 x 15W LED plant grow light
1 x Power Cord
1 x Hanging Kit

– Not waterproof
– Extremely bright, do not look directly
– No extra ballast is needed
– Max using hours: 18 per day.
– Please contact us via Amazon message for any questions.

Product Specifications:

Color:Black & Silvery
Package Dimension:435*385*370mm
Package Weight:0.9KG
Material: Aluminum & Acrylic
(75pcs)LED Chips: Red:Blue:Infrared:UV = 53:18:2:2
Power: Max 15W
Input Voltage: AC85-265V
Working Temp: -20°~50°
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Lifespan: 50000 hours
Certification: RoHS CE FCC UL

1.Would be better to keep the distance between the light and plant in 20-30cm.
2.Generally this grow light should be turned on for 5-8 hours every day.
3.Remember to keep enough water for the plants when you use the grow light.

*What kind of plants you can grow with our LED Grow lights?

  • All kinds of flower plants: tomatoes, chilli, eggplant, rose ect.
  • All kinds of greens: herbs and leafy vegetables, lettuce, ect.
  • All kinds of succulents.
  • Also suitable for indoor garden or indoor potted landscape.


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