Advantages of the battery

10.8V Li-Ion battery charger is well compatible with Exmate for Makita or original Makita 10.8V Li-Ion pod style rechargeable batteries
1.5A fast charging would fully charge the battery in 1-3 hours depends on the capacity.
Smaller but faster and safer, it’s portable and easy to take for outdoor jobs, and protect the batteries against over-charge or over-discharge intelligently.
Input: AC100-240V, Output: 10.8V / 1.5A, Type: Li-Ion, Style: Pod style

Replace for:
Bắn cá thần tài 3d Paslode: 404717, B20544E, BCPAS-404717, BCPAS-404717SH

Compatible with:
Makita 10.8V Lithium Battery
BL1013 BL1014 194550-6 194551-4 195332-9


1. Thirty-days full refund and return
2. Lifetime friendly and warm heart service

Package: 1x charger


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