Advantages of the battery

Suitable for: Makita 1.2V-18V (7.2V 9.6V 10.8V 12V 14.4V 18V) Ni-MH / Ni-Cd Pod Style Batteries. (Not for Li-ion Battery). Repalces Makita charger DC18RA, DC18RC, DC7100. fits for Makita battery 7000, 9001, 1220, 1233, 1433, 1833, BL1440, BL1430, BL1840,etc.
Time for a fully charged: 1.5 – 3 hours. Makita Ni-MH / Ni-Cd battery charger for Makita 7.2v 9.6v 12v 14.4v 18v Pod Style battery.
CE, FCC and RoHS certified: 100% compatible with the originals. Built-in circuit protection against over heating, short circuit and overloading, together with detection for damaged batteries.
Input voltage: AC100-240V, Output Voltage:1.2V-18V / 1.5A.

Fit for :
Makita 1.2V-18V Battery

LED Indication Light:
Red: charging is running
GreenBắn cá thần tài 3d: charging completed, battery full


1, Indoor use only.
Bắn cá thần tài 3d 2, Make sure the charger connectors are matching the battery before using.

Warranty: Come with 30 days money back. You can contact us anytime from the date of purchase, we will try our best to provide you the best service.


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